Our Cassandra Financial Family

 About Cassandra Financial Group

In 2004, John Cassandra set out to build a business with a goal to change the landscape of financial advising. Cassandra Financial has been fortunate to grow year after year and now currently employs 8 employees. We are a family oriented company that believes we can make a difference in peoples lives by touching one individual at a time.

With our home office in Boynton Beach, Florida, and clients located through the United States, Cassandra Financial has grown to become a well-respected practice with distinct business units and advisors that serve a variety of clients, from individuals, small business owners, to major corporations.

Our Vision

We are committed to improve how American families retire, one soul at a time.

Mission Statement

We partner with you as an independent Financial Advisors, to both individuals and businesses that do not have the time, resources, or current information needed to make informed decisions on the full spectrum of Employee Benefit Options or their individual portfolios.  We offer a personalized financial strategy based on our clients unique goals.  We don’t treat our clients like a number.  Their attitudes, goals, and strategies are our own.

We aim to exceed expectations by providing a needs/solutions based analysis for the benefit of you.  We strive to ALWAYS provide services in accordance with professional and moral standards, never forgetting our end user is an individual.  Our mission is to become a trusted partner, here to both educate and help advance your portfolio to meet your investment initiative, not only to retirement, but beyond.